Buying Art Glass

No two pieces of art glass will be exactly the same , not even in a ‘pair. It is hand crafted and will often reflect the production processes in the finished vessel. It is not unusual to find striations, small inclusions such as ‘ash’ particles, oxides, ‘bruises’ and air ‘bubbles’ ( some burst) etc., in the blown glass and buyers should be aware of these characteristics when buying hand blown glass, they should not be seen as ‘faults’. Most of the glass at ‘Dragonfly’ is over 100 years old and as such a commensurate amount of wear,normally to the base, may be expected.  Any faults of an abnormal nature will  be mentioned in the description of the glass. Further condition reports and photographs will be provided on request.

Should the buyer be unhappy with the purchase or  consider that an item has been misrepresented it may be returned in the same condition for a full refund.  Our clients are important to us and it is our aim to ensure their satisfaction with all aspects of their transaction. Please do let us know if you have any problems and we will strive to resolve them soonest.

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