About Us

Dragonfly specialises  in  Art Nouveau art glass from Bohemia. We have researched and sourced Bohemian art glass for some twenty years and more recently have become specialist dealers in glass produced by the foremost Czech glass houses.

It is our aim to offer a wide range of glass, especially the more affordable pieces, to encourage those who are interested in starting collections, or indeed, acquiring an individual piece to display or present as a special gift.

Our trading interests also include other continental and British glass manufacturers of the late 19th and 20th centuries, and to a lesser degree, decorative arts in general. Our gallery will therefore  exhibit items of style and interest which will complement art glass in the home.

Our art glass is all original and where known is credited to the specific glass manufacturer. The majority of the glass is some 100 years old and its production is usually poorly documented, if at all.

Consequently, the attribution  to a particular factory is based on research  and knowledge acquired by ourselves and other researchers  over the last decade. It should be recognised that this research is still in its infancy and attribution of vessels and even groups of vessels may well change as research moves forward.

Unfortunately we are not insured to value items but are happy to offer help and advice where possible.